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0000001RouterOS v5[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-06-30 08:06
Assigned Toomega-00 
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Platformmipsbe,powerpcOSRouterOSOS Version5.2
Summary0000001: Crash stops all local routing
DescriptionRouterboard devices running RouterOS 5.2 stop routing traffic in our out network interfaces.

Systems can often be mac-telnet'd into to reboot provided there is an adjacent RouterOS device or admin onsite.

Device shows "buffer error" while trying to ping out when under the effects of the bug.
Steps To ReproduceUpgrade Routerboard to v5.2 running hotspot, mangle rules, l7 filters leave running for a few days and wait for crash.
Additional InformationSeems to not affect x86 devices.
Tagsrouting, snmp




2011-05-22 15:09

administrator   ~0000001

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I originally thought this might be related to the SNMP bug posted by Tristram however since disabling SNMP and removing all SNMP entries on an RB800 encountering this issue it still occurs.

After testing on an RB800 running 5.2 MikroTik Support was able to replicate some issues.


2011-05-22 15:11

administrator   ~0000002

Confirmed by MikroTik support, no specific supplied.


2011-05-23 04:32

administrator   ~0000004

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I have also experienced this on RB1100 and am looking forward to a fix !

It appears to have stopped since the client stopped using Eth13, not sure if it is related, but a bit of a coincidence.


2011-06-30 08:06

administrator   ~0000011

Mikrotik reports traffic-flow is causing the issue an this will be fixed in v5.6

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