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0000011RouterOS v5[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-06-09 16:40
Assigned Toomega-00 
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Platformx86OSRouterOSOS Version5.4
Summary0000011: Simple queues not removed upon hotspot logout / hotspot users logged out prematurely

Reported an a problem in v5.4 where simple queues aren't always being removed when a hotspot session is terminated.

This particular site seemed to have dropped all but 2 users at the time I logged in however wouldn't allow users back online due to all the dynamic queues being still present.

I've made a simple workaround which checks for dynamic hotspot queues with no matching hotspot user account and removes them.

==Start of Script==
:local username
:local line

#:log info "begin queue tree loop"
:foreach line in=[/queue simple find where name!="hs-<hotspot>"] do={
  :set username [/queue simple get $line name]
  :set username [:pick $username 9 ([:len $username]-1)]
#:log info "username: $username"

:if ([/ip hotspot active find where user=$username]!="") do={} else={
/queue simple remove [/queue simple find where name="<hotspot-$hotspotuser>"]
#:log info "Removed queue for $username"
==End of Script==

Change the hs-<hotspot> and <hotspot- sections to match the hotspot server name on the router.
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