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0000017RouterOS v5[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-12-20 15:50
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Platformx86 and RB450GOSRouterOSOS Version5.11
Summary0000017: PPP and Routing Mark Issue
DescriptionTrying to router traffic over VPN using mangle rules.

I set a mangle rule to catch certain traffic and apply it a routing mark. That routing mark is then routed over the VPN by a defined route. This works but many sites wont load over the VPN. It appears to be MTU related but no MTU settings work.

If I switch the route though to not use the routing mark and instead use preferred source (IP) everything works great.

Confirmed on RB450G with 4.10 and 5.11 and on x86 v5.11
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a PPTP or SSTP VPN.
2) Create a mangle rule to make a routing mark on traffic for a certain IP.
3) Create a masquarade for the VPN out.
4) Create a Routing rule to route over vpn connection using routing mark from step 2.

Try to browse to many different sites. I find it is about 50/50 on if they will work or not. Yahoo and Facebook are two that will not load for me.

No MTU changes will fix it.
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2011-12-20 15:50

administrator   ~0000016

Hi Jeremy,

If you can get this confirmed please supply the ticket number here so it can be referenced by others as needed.


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