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0000030RouterOS v5[All Projects] Generalpublic2013-05-21 08:58
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PlatformmipsbeOSRouterOSOS Version5.16
Summary0000030: PPPoE MTU not respected when using multiple connection
DescriptionI have 1 connection, 1 DSL(PPPoE) and 1 Cable (DHCP). I use the Cable as primary.

When I telnet/ssh/web to my second DSL connection IP from the outside world, everything work as long as I don't ask alot of burst of data bigger than 1480 bytes. (Like doing '?' will send cmd list and that is bigger than 1480 bytes)

I've done packet capture on the Mikrotik, and I see all the packet trying to be sent, but the size of those packet where the connection stop are 1506 bytes instead of being 1486 bytes.!

I've also done packet capture on the far end, and it receive all packet except the one that was 1506 byte in size.
Additional InformationAlso, I see the mangle rule to resize the TCP packet in the firewall section for the internet... Yet I would imagine an that the socket being bind on the pppoe interface would know not to use packet bigger than 1480 in the first place.
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