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0000034RouterOS v5[All Projects] Generalpublic2013-01-03 14:00
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PlatformAllOSRouterOSOS Version5.2
Summary0000034: SIP Helper transform SDP of SIP packets that do not travers NAT (IPSec Tunnel)
DescriptionSIP Helper seems to transform the SDP with the public IP-address even though the IP packet isn't actually traversing any NAT.

We discovered this when using an IPSec Tunnel between RB450G and RB1000AhX2.
SIP packets routed over the tunnel is transformed if SIP Helper is active.
And there is no NAT:ing done over the IPSec tunnel on either side.
So the SIP Helper should ignore the SIP packets and leave them alone in our opinion.

Bug or by design?
Steps To ReproduceCreate an IPSec Tunnel between to RB's.
Activate SIP Helper on one or both sides.
Send a SIP packet over the tunnel.
Inspect the SIP SDP when it reaches the other side - the private IP-adresses within the SDP is replaced with the other sides public IP.
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