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0000046RouterOS v6[All Projects] Generalpublic2013-06-19 09:50
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PlatformAllOSRouterOSOS Version6.0
Summary0000046: Check gateway doesn't work with ECMP routes.
DescriptionThe check-gateway function (either icmp or arp) doesn't work with ECMP routes. Therefore, if the link switch off somewhere between mikrotik and destination network router, the route to this destination network via gateway, which connecting to the switch off link, will be still reachable.
Steps To ReproduceYou need just create a route to a some destination network via at least two reachable gateways (a.k.a ECMP route). Then, you need to swith off a link connecting to the certain gateway (but not to swith off a cable directly connecting to the mikrotik).
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