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0000047RouterOS v6[All Projects] Generalpublic2013-07-26 10:51
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PlatformRB2011LS-INOSRouterOSOS Version6.1
Summary0000047: DHCP: When interface address changes old one does not get replaced or removed.
DescriptionWhen DHCP lease runs out on my WAN port and router gets new WAN IP the old WAN IP is not removed or replaced. All Lan side connectivity to internet is lost and only way to fix this is to manually remove the old IP address.

I have had this going for couple weeks now and i've tried to reinstall the 6.1 build without any success regarding this bug.
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2013-07-12 09:34

reporter   ~0000028

Happened again, lan side died. DHCP Client didn't renew the WAN address until I _CLICKED_ the DHCP clinets window in Winbox and added second address to interface rather than updating the old one.


2013-07-26 10:51


6.1dhcpclient.png (17,406 bytes)
6.1dhcpclient.png (17,406 bytes)

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