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0000049RouterOS v6[All Projects] Generalpublic2013-07-18 20:48
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PlatformAllOSRouterOSOS Version6.1
Summary0000049: /export compact does not include assigned interface names
DescriptionA new RB951G-2HnD was recently upgraded to 6.1. When I do a /export the (now default) compact mode is not setting the interface names I have assigned. However these names are still referenced further in the config so I assume this config will not properly apply after a reset (it is a remote router so I am not willing to test this).

I have other same-model routers purchased at the same time that have not been upgraded (running a mix of 5.23 and 5.24) that do not experience this problem (using the explicit /export compact). When I do a /export verbose on this 6.1 unit then the interface names are included.
Steps To ReproduceUse RouterOS 6.1 and assign names to the interfaces. Open terminal and run /export.
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2013-07-18 20:48

reporter   ~0000029

I wasn't specific but I am talking about the Ethernet interfaces here.

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